Withwind hiatus – A bittersweet decision

Ahoy and welcome to this unfortunately bittersweet Withwind update.

Firstly, I hope everyone has been enjoying their Chirstmas holidays! It’s certainly been a good opportunity for me to step back and reflect on the game. Where it stands and what is next.

Unfortunately, after lots of thought, I’ve decided to stop development on Withwind, for the foreseeable future. Although this sucks, it’s the right decision.

There were a few reasons which led to this, but ultimately I was not happy with the core gameplay. Although parts of the game worked quite well, such as celestial navigation and physical sailing, this wasn’t enough to offer a complete experience. I made attempts at improving things, with no joy. I believe this was in-part due to the game’s inception being a theme rather than a concrete game mechanic that was built upon. A lesson I will take forward.

I’d like to thank those that followed and showed interest in the project. It really has been a net positive experience for me, I’ve learned an awful lot in the process, about both game development and sailing.

What’s next?

I say hiatus because I do hope one day I will find a way to adapt Withwind into a enjoyable, well rounded game. But going forward into next year I’ll be focusing on new projects and ideas. Which i’ll be sure to share when the time comes.

For now, thanks again for following along. All the best for 2020!

Merry Christmas,

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