Chordwatch Early Access!

After a year under wraps I'm happy to finally announce Chordwatch, an intuitive musical teaching tool that helps students learn, teachers teach, and creators create. Now in early access! With star feature 'LivePlay' enabling players world over to easily practice, collaborate and play together. Full details at: Thanks for reading! All the best,Tom

Withwind hiatus – A bittersweet decision

Ahoy and welcome to this unfortunately bittersweet Withwind update. Firstly, I hope everyone has been enjoying their Chirstmas holidays! It's certainly been a good opportunity for me to step back and reflect on the game. Where it stands and what is next. Unfortunately, after lots of thought, I've decided to stop development on Withwind, for … Continue reading Withwind hiatus – A bittersweet decision

Withwind Devlog #4 – The World of Withwind

Ahoy, and welcome to the next devlog for Withwind! Skirting past an iceberg, a very icy sign you've reached the far north. Last week was a busy one, resulting in this devlog being pushed back. But for good cause I hope, for now I've got quite a bit to show off regarding the world of … Continue reading Withwind Devlog #4 – The World of Withwind

Withwind Devlog #3 – Crew Management

Ahoy, and welcome to the next devlog for Withwind! Planning the next voyage with partial charts... This week I've been focusing on crew management gameplay, as it is such a core aspect of the game. In this devlog I'll cover the current state of crew and the plan going forward. Each vessel in Withwind is … Continue reading Withwind Devlog #3 – Crew Management

Withwind Devlog #2 – Sailing

Ahoy, and welcome to the next devlog for Withwind! Using the spyglass for a wider view of Halmahera island and surrounding waters. This week I'll go in-depth about sailing in Withwind. As well as a brief summary of what I've been working on recently. With that said, let's begin! Sailing is fundamental to the gameplay … Continue reading Withwind Devlog #2 – Sailing

Withwind Devlog #1 – The vision

Ahoy, and welcome to the first devlog for Withwind! A Topsail Schooner sails beam reach (perpendicular to the wind) through treacherous waters. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who watched the announcement teaser and shared their feedback and enthusiasm for the game, this was a great motivational boon, and it's great to hear there are … Continue reading Withwind Devlog #1 – The vision

Announcing Withwind!

Ahoy! Here's what I've been working on for the last few months (and then some). Though far from finished, now felt like the right time to lift the veil and start publically talking about development. The pirate sim I've always wanted to play - Withwind. You can read all about it here: Going … Continue reading Announcing Withwind!