Welcome to Withwind, captain.
The Age-of-sail sandbox management sim.

A Whole New World

Withwind is an Age-of-Sail sandbox management sim that sets you as captain of a vessel and her crew within a procedurally generated world.

Chart your own course and pursue one of many swashbuckling careers. Merchantman, Explorer, Privateer, Bounty Hunter, and of course, Pirate Captain.

Physically based sailing, celestial navigation, crew management, dynamic economy and faction warfare form the core pillars of Withwind, which is currently being developed for PC.


Captains will need to consider their course carefully, as lift, drag and buoyancy are simulated with an emphasis on realisim. Sail directly into the wind and you’ll be ‘in-irons’, unable to make headway! Loose your sails in strong winds without appropriate trim and you risk capsizing!

Vessels in Withwind are made up of the various sailing rigs used throughout the Age-of-Sail, such as Square, Gaff and Jib rigs. Each Sailing Rig comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Square rigs work best sailing downwind, whereas the versatile Jib rig helps to both sail upwind and manoeuvre quicker.

No sailing knowledge required, landlubber! Your crew will do the work. However, those captains who learn and take advantage of their vessel’s characteristics will reap the rewards.


Measuring the angle of the moon from the horizon using the sextant.

In Withwind, the Sun, Moon and Stars become your GPS. Correct use of the ‘Sextant’, an instrument for measuring angles, will estimate your longitude and latitude in the world and reveal new areas of the world map. Valuable information which can be used for staying on course throughout long voyages, or sold for profit to other factions.

The Almanac depicts all constellations in the night sky, allowing you to seek out the correct star, make an observation and determine your position!

Just as for sailors during the Age-of-Sail, certain observations can only be made at certains times. The Sun at high-noon, and the stars at night. Keeping track of time and the horizon during weather conditions such as fog will put captains to the test.


Jack and the crew load the broadsides with round shot.

The crew is the heartbeat of the vessel, and time must be taken to manage them well. Each crew member has their own skill levels, mood and desires which impacts the performance of the various jobs they’ll be performing at sea.

Setting and trimming sails, weighing anchor, loading cannons, pumping bilge water, making repairs, swabbing the deck are just some of the jobs your crew will need to perform.

But it’s not all work! Crew memebers will need downtime to eat, sleep and ofcourse, guzzle grog. Scheduling ‘watches’, teams of crew members, will be key for both an efficient and happy operation. They’ll also expect to be paid their fair share of booty. Lest risk a mutiny!

Factions & Economy

Stocking up on Grog at port, a requirement for any happy seadog.

The world of Withwind is filled with rival factions, each vying for control of the islands that populate the procedurally generated archipelago. Each island has a dynamic supply and demand of the various trade goods. Influenced by the ruling faction, climate and infrastructure present. Providing ample opportunity to earn doubloons!

Captains may choose to side with whichever faction they choose, performing tasks such as trading, privateering and blockading to gain reputation. And potentially, their own piece of paradise. Alternatively, Captains may remain neutral, sailing as a humble fisherman or following the path of piracy, at the risk of being hunted down.

Just as with the player, numerous NPC captains will be undertaking voyages of their own. These may be traders, naval officers, or of course, dreaded pirates. How they react will depend on your status in the world.